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Menu Sample


Tapas menu

(3-6 Monday to Friday. 4-6 Saturday)


Small tasters served cold £2.50 each

(Brilliant with one of our ‘Special refreshers’)

Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables with feta cheese

Smoked mackerel salad

New potato salad

Chicken breast salad with house pesto

Scottish smoked salmon and Cheddar tarlet

Roast pepper, mushroom and white bean houmous

Patrik’s meatloaf

Hot smoked mackerel pate

Cheeses: Taleggio, Feta and Emmental

Meats: Roast ham, pastrami and salami


Sharing Platter

(A splendid selection of Café 52 goodies £12.90)


Speciality cheese selection

£4.50 per cheese, served with toasted thins

Isle of Kintyre smoked Cheddar


Shropshire blue

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Mondays - Fridays

3pm - 6pm



4pm - 6pm